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Extends: Node2D


The parent class holding all Roof of a Level.


Level Level
bool Shade
float SunDirection
float ShadeContrast


Roof CreateRoof ( int sorting )
Dictionary Save ( )
void Load ( Dictionary data )
Roof LoadRoof ( Dictionary data )
Roof UpdateSunlight ( bool enabled, float angle, float contrast )
void Resize ( int x, int y, int w, int h )

Property Descriptions

  • Level Level:
    The Level in which this class instance resides.

  • bool Shade:
    Get or set if the sun shades the roofs. Set with UpdateSunlight().

  • float SunDirection:
    Get or set the direction of the sun in degrees. Set with UpdateSunlight().

  • float ShadeContrast:
    Get or set the contrast of the sun shading. Set with UpdateSunlight().

Method Descriptions

  • Roof CreateRoof ( int sorting ):
    Creates a Roof with the following options and adds it as a child. For the parameter sorting, valid options are: 0 = Over, 1 = Under.

  • Dictionary Save ( ):
    Save all Roofs and sun data in this level as a list into the save file format and return it as an Dictionary.

  • void Load ( Dictionary data ):
    Load a list of saved Roof data. Used by a saved map file to load existing Roofs.

  • Roof LoadRoof ( Dictionary data ):
    Load a single Roof into this level. Called by Load() as it loads all the Roofs.

  • void Resize ( int x, int y, int w, int h ):
    Called automatically when the canvas is resized. DO NOT CALL DIRECTLY. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.