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Extends: Shapes < Plexigon2D < Node2D


A type of Shapes that draws the floor tiles and automatically adds border walls.


Level Level
Wall[] Walls
bool SuppressHistory
Vector2[] newestShape


bool ClipWalls ( )
void ReplacePortal ( Portal portal )
void Restore ( Dictionary data )
void ForgetWall ( Wall wall )

Property Descriptions

  • Level Level:
    The Level in which this instance belongs in.

  • Wall[] Walls:
    The walls auto-generated by this class.

  • bool SuppressHistory:
    When enabled, stops recording undo history.

  • Vector2[] newestShape:
    The points of the last shape that was added by the user or another script.

Method Descriptions

  • bool ClipWalls ( ):
    Called automatically when the FloorShapeTool updates this Shapes or by the parent method FinalizeOutlines() to generate a set of border walls. Returns true if walls had to change and false is nothing had to change.

  • void ReplacePortal ( Portal portal ):
    Called by ClipWalls() whenever a wall is updated so that any Portal is recreated in the proper location. Not called directly.

  • void Restore ( Dictionary data ):
    Recreate a wall from a serialized data. Used by undo history.

  • void ForgetWall ( Wall wall ):
    Remove a deleted Wall from memory. DO NOT CALL DIRECTLY.