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Extends: Tool < Object


The tool used to edit objects.

Accessed by Global.Editor.Tools["ObjectTool"].


Texture texture
Prop Preview
Range Rotation
Range Scale
OptionButton LayerMenu
int ActiveLayer
int Sorting
bool Shadow
bool BlockLight
GridMenu GridMenu
Dictionary LibraryMemory


void Record ( Prop obj )
void Next ( )
void SetLayer ( int index )
void SetShadow ( bool value )
void ChangeColor ( Color color, String name )
void Confirm ( )
void PromoteCustomColor ( )
void SetSorting ( int sorting )
void EmbebObject ( String file )
void SetBlockLight ( bool value )

Property Descriptions

  • Texture texture:
    Texture of the asset selected. Used automatically by the UI controls. Does not update the preview link:Prop automatically.

  • Prop Preview:
    Gets the preview Prop. This is the object that follows the user's cursor before it is actually placed. Call confirm to force it to place.

  • Range Rotation:
    Range that determines the rotation in degrees of the objects placed.

  • Range Scale:
    Range that determines the scale of the objects placed.

  • OptionButton LayerMenu:
    The reference to the layer menu in the Object Tool when it is active.

  • int ActiveLayer:
    The layer the next object will be placed. Read only. Set with SetLayer() instead.

  • int Sorting:
    Where the next object will be sorted. Underlying type is an enum. 0 = Over, 1 = Under. Read only. Set with SetSorting() instead.

  • bool Shadow:
    Gets and sets whether the tool will place objects with shadows. Read only. Set with SetShadow() instead.

  • bool BlockLight:
    Gets and sets whether the tool will place objects that block light. Read only. Set with SetBlockLight() instead.

  • GridMenu GridMenu:
    The menu in the Object Library Panel that selects textures for this tool. DO NOT MODIFY.

  • Dictionary LibraryMemory:
    The data that represents the last loaded state of the library panel.

Method Descriptions

  • void Record ( Prop obj ):
    Change this link:Prop from preview to real, assign it an NodeID, and then record the action to undo history.

  • void Next ( ):
    Create a new preview link:Prop using the last known options and texture selected.

  • void SetLayer ( int index ):
    Set layer option and update the preview link:Prop to reflect it.

  • void SetShadow ( bool value ):
    Set shadow option and update the preview link:Prop to reflect it.

  • void ChangeColor ( Color color, String name ):
    Change the custom color if it applies. Update the Object Library Panel icons to reflect it as well if enabled.

  • void Confirm ( ):
    Finalize the preview into the map and create a new preview Prop. Calls Record() and Next() internally.

  • void PromoteCustomColor ( ):
    Update the preview Prop to reflect the custom color. Better to call ChangeColor() than this function directly.

  • void SetSorting ( int sorting ):
    Sets the sorting of the tool, and updates the preview Prop to reflect it. 0 = Over, 1 = Under.

  • void EmbebObject ( String file ):
    Embed a PNG file directly into the map. Bloats the file size, use wisely.