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Extends: Reference


Meta data class that holds information for a map.

Accessed by Global.Header.


String CreationBuild
Dictionary CreationDate
bool UsesDefaultAssets
AssetPack[] AssetManifest
Dictionary EditorState


Dictionary Save ( )

Property Descriptions

  • String CreationBuild:
    Gets the build name of Dungeondraft used to create this map.

  • Dictionary CreationDate:
    Gets a Dictionary of Datetime when this map was created in String key - String value format.

  • bool UsesDefaultAssets:
    Gets if this map is using default assets.

  • AssetPack[] AssetManifest:
    Gets an Array of custom asset packs that this pack uses.

  • Dictionary EditorState:
    A Dictionary that holds various user editor state when they last closed the program.

Method Descriptions

  • Dictionary Save ( ):
    Serialize the metadata of the current map header in JSON format.