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Extends: MeshBrush < Tool < Object


The tool used to edit caves.

Accessed by Global.Editor.Tools["CaveBrush"].


Color GroundColor
Color WallColor
int Mode
bool ShowBlastOpenedArea


void SetShowBlastOpenedArea ( bool value )
void ChangeTexture ( Texture texture, String name )

Property Descriptions

  • Color GroundColor:
    Change the ground color. Write only.

  • Color WallColor:
    Change the wall color. Write only.

  • int Mode:
    Gets or sets if the brush is digging or blasting open a wall. 0 = Digs, 1 = Blasts Open

  • bool ShowBlastOpenedArea:
    Gets if the blast opened area is shown. Read only. Call SetShowBlastOpenedArea() to set.

Method Descriptions