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Extends: MarchingSquaresMesh < MeshInstance2D


Cave Mesh is the visual object that draws the caves for Dungeondraft.


Texture CaveFloor
Texture CaveWall
bool Colorable
Level Level
Wall[] Walls
bool isMeshesDirty
bool IsMeshWorkerBusy
Color GroundColor
Color WallColor
BitMap entranceBitmap
BitMap previousEntranceBitmap
bool IsDigging


void FinalizeMeshAndBorders ( )
void CreateNewEntranceBitmap ( )
void SetEntranceBitmap ( BitMap bitmap )
void SetGroundColor ( Color color )
void SetWallColor ( Color color )
void SetFloorTexture ( Texture floor )
void SimpleClipWalls ( )
void FullClipWalls ( )

Property Descriptions

  • Texture CaveFloor:
    Get the cave floor texture. Call SetFloorTexture() to set.

  • Texture CaveWall:
    Get the cave wall texture.

  • bool Colorable:
    Get or set if this cave is colorable. Automatically set by Dungeondraft.

  • Level Level:
    Get the level in which this cave is part of.

  • Wall[] Walls:
    Get the collection of Walls this cave automatically generated.

  • bool isMeshesDirty:
    Gets if the mesh has been modified but not yet visually updated.

  • bool IsMeshWorkerBusy:
    Gets if the mesh is under a heavy workload to update the mesh. Read only.

  • Color GroundColor:
    Get the color of the ground. Call SetGroundColor() to set.

  • Color WallColor:
    Get the color of the wall. Call SetWallColor() to set.

  • BitMap entranceBitmap:
    Get the bitmap that is used to denote blasted open areas.

  • BitMap previousEntranceBitmap:
    Get the previous version of the blasted open area bitmap. Used only to record undo history.

  • bool IsDigging:
    Get whether or not the user enabled dig mode.

Method Descriptions

  • void FinalizeMeshAndBorders ( ):
    Automatically called by OnDrawingEnd() to calculate the mesh. Heavy CPU load.

  • void SetEntranceBitmap ( BitMap bitmap ):
    Replace the blasted open area bitmap with another one. Used by undo history.

  • void SimpleClipWalls ( ):
    Calculate the cave shape and create walls for it when there is no dungeon walls.

  • void FullClipWalls ( ):
    Calculate the cave shape and create walls for it when there is dungeon walls. Heavy CPU load.