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Extends: Reference


This is the wrappper class for a custom asset pack. Holds its meta data and path information.

Accessed by Global.Header.


String Name
String ID
String Version
String Author
Texture Preview
String Keywords
bool AllowThirdPartyUse
bool OverrideCustomColor
float MinRedness
float MinSaturation
float RedTolerance
String Path

Property Descriptions

  • String Name:
    Gets the name of the pack.

  • String ID:
    Gets the unique ID of the pack.

  • String Version:
    Gets the version of the pack.

  • String Author:
    Gets the author of the pack.

  • Texture Preview:
    Gets the preview image of the pack.

  • String Keywords:
    Gets keywords set by the author of the pack.

  • bool AllowThirdPartyUse:
    Gets if the pack author is permitting other mapping software to use this pack.

  • bool OverrideCustomColor:
    Gets if the author intends to override the default custom color settings.

  • float MinRedness:
    Gets the minimum redness before a pixel is considered a custom color.

  • float MinSaturation:
    Gets the minimum saturation of red before a pixel is considered a custom color.

  • float RedTolerance:
    Gets how far a red can deviate from red before it is no longer a custom color.

  • String Path:
    Gets the resource path of pack.