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Extends: ShapeTool < Tool < Object


The tool used to edit water. Use World.Level.WaterMesh if you want to directly edit the water.

Accessed by Global.Editor.Tools["WaterBrush"].


WaterMesh Mesh
int Size
Range BlendDistance
bool DisableBorder
bool IsUsingShapes


void UpdateBrushRadius ( )
void UpdateCursor ( )
void ChangeColor ( Color color, String name )
void ChangeDeepColor ( Color color )
void ChangeShallowColor ( Color color )
void ChangeBlendDistance ( float value )
void SetDisableBorder ( bool value )

Property Descriptions

  • int Size:
    Get or set the size of the brush [0 - 4].

  • Range BlendDistance:
    Modify the Range to change the blend distance between shallow and deep water color. Call ChangeBlendDistance() instead to set.

  • bool DisableBorder:
    Toggle the border visibility. Call SetDisableBorder() to set.

  • bool IsUsingShapes:
    Gets or sets if the brush is using a brush or a shape mode. Setting the parent Mode property will always enable this.

Method Descriptions

  • void UpdateCursor ( ):
    Update the cursor to reflect size and mode changes.

  • void ChangeColor ( Color color, String name ):
    Changes the water colors. Valid entries for names are: "DeepColor" and "ShallowColor".