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Extends: Tool < Object


The abstract class for tools that uses shapes.

Not directly accessible.


int Mode
Vector2 boxBegin
Vector2 boxEnd
bool isDrawing
bool invertAction


void FinishShape ( )

Property Descriptions

  • int Mode:
    Determines the style of shape drawn. 0 = Rectangular, 1 = Circular, 2 = Polygonal

  • Vector2 boxBegin:
    Start coordinates of the box that a user drags.

  • Vector2 boxEnd:
    End coordinates of the box that a user drags.

  • bool isDrawing:
    Whether the user is actively drawing.

  • bool invertAction:
    Whether the user is actively holding down shift to remove shapes instead of add.

Method Descriptions

  • void FinishShape ( ):
    Only works to draw in the Polygonal mode. For the other 2 modes, a C# interface is used to polymorphically select the correct function in their respective shapes. You need to use FloorShapes, PatternShapes, etc to create the other shapes directly. Takes the polyline from WorldUI and turns it into a shape. Automagically determines if it needs to loop or add new points.