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Extends: VBoxContainer


This is vertical bar on the left side of UI that holds all the tool buttons and panels.

Accessed by 'Global.Editor.Toolset'.


bool IsShrunk
String PreviousTool
Dictionary Toolbars
Dictionary ToolPanels
float transitionDurationMS
float buttonFullSize
float buttonShrunkSize


void Shrink ( )
void Expand ( )
Toolbar CreateToolbar ( String title, String icon )
void Enable ( bool value )
void Init ( )
ToolPanel CreateModTool ( Reference scriptInstance, String category, String id, String label, String icon )
ToolPanel GetToolPanel ( String tool )
void Quickswitch ( String tool )
void SwitchToPreviousTool ( )

Property Descriptions

  • bool IsShrunk:
    Gets if the toolset is shrunken.

  • String PreviousTool:
    The name of the previous tool used.

  • float transitionDurationMS:
    Get the duration of the transition effect between category selections.

  • float buttonFullSize:
    Get the full dimension size of a toolset button.

  • float buttonShrunkSize:
    Get the shrunken dimension size of a toolset button.

Method Descriptions

  • void Shrink ( ):
    Shrink the toolset.

  • void Expand ( ):
    Expand the toolset.

  • void Init ( ):
    Initialize the toolset. Called once on launch.