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Extends: ShapeTool < Tool < Object


The tool used to edit pattern shapes. Use World.Level.PatternShapes if you want to create pattern shapes instead.

Accessed by Global.Editor.Tools["PatternShapeTool"].


OptionButton LayerMenu
int ActiveLayer
Texture Texture
Color Color
Range Rotation
bool Outline
GridMenu textureMenu
Button EditPoints
bool isDragging


void SetLayer ( int index )
void ChangeColor ( Color color, String name )

Property Descriptions

  • OptionButton LayerMenu:
    The reference to the layer menu in the Pattern Shape Tool when it is active.

  • int ActiveLayer:
    The layer the next shape will be placed. Read only. Set with SetLayer() instead.

  • Texture Texture:
    Gets or sets a new shape's texture.

  • Color Color:
    Gets or sets a new shape's color if applicable.

  • Range Rotation:
    The Range control that sets the rotation of any new shapes.

  • bool Outline:
    Gets or sets whether the shapes will have an outline.

  • GridMenu textureMenu:
    The menu that selects textures for this tool. DO NOT MODIFY.

  • Button EditPoints:
    The UI control that determines if the user is editing existing points instead of creating new shapes.

  • bool isDragging:
    Is the user actively dragging a point on an existing shape.

Method Descriptions

  • void SetLayer ( int index ):
    Set layer that the next pattern shape created by the tool will belong to.