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Extends: Node2D


Dungeondraft only 2D rendering polygon class used to draw multiple complex polygons in one single instance.


Color color
bool fade_in


void add_outline ( Vector2[] outline )
void add_outline_at_index ( Vector2[] outline, int index )
void clear_outlines ( )
void clear_polygons ( )
Vector2[] get_outline ( int idx )
int get_outline_count ( )
int[] get_polygon ( int idx )
int get_polygon_count ( )
Vector2[] get_vertices ( )
void make_polygons_from_outlines ( )
void mark_outline_as_fade ( int value )
void remove_outline ( int idx )
void set_outline ( int idx, Vector2[] outline )

Property Descriptions

  • Color color:
    The color to fill this polygon with.

  • bool fade_in:
    Toggles whether or not the border should fade into full color. Used by the water.

Method Descriptions

  • void add_outline ( Vector2[] outline ):
    Add a new shape once make_polygons_from_outlines is called(). An outline is a set of points indicating a new polygon yet to be merged with the Plexigon to be drawn.

  • void clear_polygons ( ):
    Clear all polygons. Not advisable to call directly.

  • int get_outline_count ( ):
    Get total number of outlines. Once converted to polygon and cleared, it would be zero.