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Extends: MarchingSquaresMesh < MeshInstance2D


Bordered Mesh is the base class for visual object that draws the Materials for Dungeondraft.


Line2D[] Borders
Texture BorderTexture
bool Smooth
bool isMeshesDirty
bool IsMeshWorkerBusy
int joint


void SetBorderTexture ( Texture texture )
void FinalizeMeshAndBorders ( )
void UpdateBorders ( )
Line2D AddBorder ( Vector2[] points )
void SmoothMesh ( )
void ForceUpdateMesh ( )

Property Descriptions

  • Line2D[] Borders:
    The Line2D that draws the border of the mesh.

  • Texture BorderTexture:
    The texture of the border. Does not get automatically updated when set.

  • bool Smooth:
    Toggle the smoothness of the mesh. Does not get automatically updated when set.

  • bool isMeshesDirty:
    Gets if the mesh has been modified but not yet visually updated.

  • bool IsMeshWorkerBusy:
    Gets if the mesh is under a heavy workload to update the mesh. Read only.

  • int joint:
    The joint mode of the border. Mesh update the border to see it reflected. 0 = Sharp, 1 = Bevel, 2 Round.

Method Descriptions

  • void FinalizeMeshAndBorders ( ):
    Automatically called by OnDrawingEnd() to calculate the mesh. Heavy CPU load.

  • void UpdateBorders ( ):
    Clear the existing borders and remake to reflect changes to the mesh. Called by FinalizeMeshAndBorders().

  • Line2D AddBorder ( Vector2[] points ):
    Create the border based on these points. Automatically called, so changes to the border through this method will be replaced whenever the user draws again.

  • void SmoothMesh ( ):
    Smooth the edge of the mesh after the mesh has been recreated. Called by FinalizeMeshAndBorders() if the Smooth property is set.